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SPI Property Inspections Organises VCAT Reports and Special Purpose Inspections

If you find yourself in dispute with your builder in a situation that can’t be resolved, you may decide to seek recourse through legal means such as the DBDRV (Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria) or through VCAT. SPI Property Inspections can arrange a VCAT report with our inspector who is a qualified architect. We can also provide expert witness testimony to support your VCAT...

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Solve building disputes without VCAT

Do you have an unresolved dispute? Here’s what you can do before it escalates. After months of disagreements, you find yourself in a standoff regarding an aspect of a build. You may be the owner just wanting to complete your new home, or you may be the builder who feels as though your opinions aren’t being listened to.  For both parties, it can be an unsettling time and a solution isn’t...

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When Do You Need Expert Evidence At VCAT Hearings?

If you find yourself in a situation where a building dispute cannot be resolved and you are considering the VCAT process, we recommend that you call us for some professional guidance. Building disputes can become very costly and you will need to make a few key decisions on what to do next. Our team at SPI can assist in this process. When you contact SPI, we will ask you the following...

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