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Pre-Purchase House Inspections – Melbourne & Victoria-Wide

pre purchase house inspections condition reportFrom Melbourne to Geelong and right across Victoria, trust the specialists in pre-purchase house inspections

Whether you’re a first home buyer or purchasing an investment property, you’ll want to be sure you know the true condition of the property.

Specialising in pre-purchase home and  building inspections across Victoria, you can rely on SPI Property Inspections for comprehensive reports about the condition of the property for that peace of mind.

Choose SPI Property Inspections for a trusted pre-purchase house inspection in Melbourne and Victoria-wide

  • A reliable four-step process to ensure your pre-purchase inspection is handled quickly and efficiently
  • A comprehensive, 250-point house inspection report, complete with photos, giving you the confidence in knowing the overall condition of the property
  • Fast turnaround on building inspections and condition reports to enable you to make a rapid purchase decision
  • Useful solutions for dealing with any current or potential problems
  • Negotiating power with your vendor or builder
  • 100% money-back guarantee on our service, for your added security

Whether you’re in metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong or Central Victoria, maximise your advantage in the cooling-off period by completing a free online quote for a pre-purchase property inspection and condition report now.  From 1 May 2018, we created a new division of our business for residential inspections.  Pre-Purchase house inspections will now be carried out by The Home Inspection Hub.  We look forward to providing the same level of knowledge, experience and service, our clients have come to know from the team at SPI Property Inspections.

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Pre-Purchase House Inspections: ‘Are You Ready To Commit?’
Pre-Purchase House Inspections: ‘Are You Ready To Commit?’
Your offer has finally been accepted and the excitement is building – you can almost smell the packing tape! Just a few more hurdles and you can book that removal van. But having seen the property only two – three – maybe four times, it’s a little daunting. You’re about to make a decision that has serious consequences. Are you really ready to commit?
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Cracking: Is My House About To Fall Down?
You’re sure it wasn’t there when you looked yesterday! Something must have happened during the night and now a long, spidery vein is inching its way across the dining room wall. It seems to be spreading even as you stare at it! So what does it mean and how can it be fixed? Is the house about to fall down?
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Asbestos house
Asbestos: What’s All The Noise About Asbestos?
Asbestos is a word that can strike immediate fear. Its reputation is deservedly bad. However, treated with respect and understanding, asbestos doesn’t have to pose a serious problem to a houseowner or renovator. This article has been developed to provide you with the most recent information available so you will be better informed about the in’s and out’s of asbestos. You can then take the necessary precautions and minimise the risks to you and your family.
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How safe is your roof?
How safe is your roof?
Roof problems are not always obvious – let’s face it, you don’t often get up on your roof to check it, if at all. Besides, your roof may be hard to access, or you’re not even sure where to look. So you may not be aware that damage has occurred, or issues are building up.
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