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Testimonials and Reviews

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Our Testimonials

Thank you for the great service and professionalism from you and your building inspector. It's rare to find companies that are efficient and professional these days, I don't like sounding like a grumpy old man but I've been in this industry 40 years and it seems good service is a thing of the past.
Mark T, Director of Dynomotive | Commercial Building Inspections Client | October 2018
I am very impressed with the service you have provided us, very prompt and professional and will definitely recommend your company.
Tess F from Topline Industries | Commercial Building Inspections Client | September 2018
Thank you for the report, your swift response is greatly appreciated. Please thank Rob for his time and expertise, we greatly appreciated his thorough inspection and detailed written and verbal report.
Kelly S from GLB | Commercial Building Inspections Client | September 2018
Thank you for the report and all of the information below- your assistance throughout this process has been very professional and greatly appreciated. We will definitely be keeping your contacts on file for any future reports!
Joshua W from Your Owners Corporation | Commercial Building Inspections Client | August 2018
Everything went like clockwork…Paul was very professional, responsive, courteous, friendly. Well informed and explained everything. He was right on schedule. Thoroughly recommend him & SPI.
James Kelly | Owner-Builder Inspection client | April 2018
Once again I would like to thank SPI for all the work they have done for me this year. Each and every time I have had to organise an inspection, it has been an easy, quick and efficient process. Dominic has been more then accommodating throughout the whole process and has made the experience a very easy one. He was able to make me feel better about the quality of home I am moving into. Even the builder commented on how easy Dominic made it, and that he was one of few inspectors who he was willing to work with to get things resolved because of it.
Joe Menta | New Home Inspection client | April 2018
[Very satisfied with the] timely identification of issue and follow up. [Very satisfied with the] suggestions and recommendations.
Suresh Kudipudi | PCI/Final Inspection client | March 2018
[SPI Director, Colin Legg] [possess a high grade attitude of customer service and tries his best to make his clients happy.  Thank you Colin!
Alan | PCI/Final Inspection client | January 2018
Thank you for your help and hard work. I would like to thank Vincent for his wonderful work and report
Ratan & Tanzima | PCI/Final Inspection client | December 2017
I really appreciate you making the effort and fitting me in (Dominic)….Once again SPI has exceeded expectations
Joseph and Kathyrn Menta | PCI / Final Inspection client | December 2017

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