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Essential Safety Measures

Essential safety measures (ESM’s) include the fire, life safety and health items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety and protection over the life of the building. As the owner of a building, you are responsible for its ongoing maintenance and have an obligation to ensure that any essential safety measure continues to perform at the same level of operation that existed when it was first commissioned. This means that regular inspections are required and accurate records are held on the property.

How can SPI Property Inspections help you?

The SPI system is designed to help building owners with their essential safety measures obligations. We know the issues that may arise and can guide you through the process. Our focus is on personal service and reliable delivery.

We have partnered with Sterling Fire Services to provide our clients with a reliable maintenance service, meeting the requirements of AS 1851. Technicians are trained to identify non-compliance items and are experienced in maintaining and servicing essential safety measures.

Our team can offer a fully managed and comprehensive program throughout the year, based on the services you require. We have developed a simple 5 step process, as follows:

Essential Safety Measures 5 step process

All buildings, other than a house or outbuilding, are affected by the ESM regulations.  The various class of buildings as defined in the National Construction Code Series can be found here.

Ensure you meet your compliance obligations. Contact us today for a free online quote or phone us directly on 1300 721 032.

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Essential Safety Measures: Know Your Obligations
Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s) are vital for the life, safety and health of people over a building’s duration. It’s important for the owner of the building to be informed of their obligations regarding maintenance of the ESM’s in their buildings. The type of maintenance required depends on the complexity of the safety measure and will differ depending on the use and type of building.
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