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Looking To Update Or Change Your Home?  

Consider a renovation and follow some of the big trends for 2017.  Every year there are different trends in home structure and interior design. The team here at SPI Property Inspections are keen followers of the renovation TV show,  ‘The Block‘ and we like to keep up to date with trends in the market.  Here’s what we’ve noticed for this year:

Structural Trends                        

-Eco-friendly design
Renovators are opting for a home that is more environmentally friendly and has built-in appliances that have a good eco-friendly rating. Not only does this trend have a positive effect on the environment, but it is more cost effective.

 -Efficient use of space                                                                       

 Savvy and creative ‘smart storage’ options are in. This includes tables with pull  out components and kitchens with  built in compartments.  This is a trend that is  not likely to go away any time soon. Additionally, utilising every aspect of the home with turning little nooks and crannies into a mini hideaway or reading corner is loved by many and is trending fast.

-Extra rooms                                                                                          

When planning space in a new home, entertainment space appears to be a popular choice. Quiet rooms such as a library or a yoga/meditation retreat are also popularly added into the design.

Interior Design Trends                                                                                       


brown and green furniture

 Natural and neutral earthy appearance

-Dark wood is making a comeback trumping 2016’s popular blonde wood.

-‘Green’ is also in. Choosing to have greenery in your home is a good way to bring ‘tranquillity’ and promotes a soothing atmosphere.





Darker pieces of furniture are on the rise again – we will see plenty of richer and darker tones in 2017.” says Interior designer Darren Palmer, The Block judge. “I’m talking side tables, coffee tables, cabinets or consoles.”

green light

Tip from Darren: “Green is also coming in and these rich dark green colours work perfectly with the dark timbers, as well as making a space feel calming and decadent.”



If you are thinking of taking the plunge with your own renovation, you want to be sure that it’s done well so it adds value to your home. For this reason, we recommend discussing your renovation project with professionals and skilled tradespeople before commencing your work. It pays to undertake research to ensure that you don’t overcapitalise and spend more on your renovation.

SPI Property Inspections can assist you with the renovation process, whether it is a large-scale extension or a smaller alteration project to your home. We know the issues you will encounter and have created a program of building inspections to help you through each milestone.

At the commencement of works, we will carry out a house inspection, so we can assess the existing conditions of your property. This pre-project condition report will identify any areas that need initial attention, so there are no hidden surprises. Our inspector can then tailor the building inspections to suit your project.

Whether you are engaging a builder, or tackling the work yourself, we can add value with our independent advice. SPI inspectors are all qualified builders and/or architects and are therefore very knowledgeable about renovation and construction projects.

For home renovation and extensions contact us today for a free online quote or phone us directly on 1300 721 032.