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Renovation & Extension Inspections

Renovations-Extensions-insetThe start of any renovation or extension project to your home is an exciting time. You have an end vision firmly in mind and you’re ready to go. But how ready is your house? There are a number of conditions you need to inspect before you start, as being unprepared can be costly. For example, are you confident about:

  • site drainage
  • stumps and floor levels
  • roof and gutters
  • internal walls, load-bearing or otherwise
  • plumbing and electrical
  • likelihood of asbestos or termites.

SPI Property Inspections can help you through the renovation process, whether it is a large scale extension or a smaller alteration project to your home. We know the issues you will encounter and have created a program of building inspections to help you through each milestone.

At the commencement of works, we will carry out a house inspection, so we can assess the existing conditions of your property. This pre-project condition report will identify any areas that need initial attention, so there are no hidden surprises. Our inspector can then tailor the building inspections to suit your project.

The renovation inspections we offer are:

Kitchen / Bathroom / Smaller Renovation Project

  • Pre-Project Condition Report
  • Pre-Tiling Stage
  • Final Completion.

Large Scale Extension Project

  • Pre-Project Condition Report
  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lockup/Pre-Plaster
  • Fixing Stage
  • Final Inspection (PCI).

Whether you are engaging a builder, or tackling the work yourself, we can add value with our independent advice. SPI inspectors are all qualified builders and are therefore very knowledgeable about renovation and construction projects. Our team has collectively had over 150 years of hands-on experience in building, so is well equipped to advise you.

For home renovation and extensions contact us today for a free online quote.

Check out our article, which outlines in more detail what we cover.

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