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Base Stage Inspection – Interview with a client

We recently conducted an interview with a new client who is undergoing their exciting New Home build. Cerise and her husband are keeping us up to date with how they are feeling as they experience the exciting but stressful journey of their New Home Construction along with tips they would like others to know when building.



Why did you choose to have undergo all 5 stages of New Home Inspections?                                             Client: We’re investing a lot of money in our home, and wanted to ensure we had peace of mind. Even though Boutique are a major and respected builder, I have seen some horror stories online in relation to workmanship, therefore engaging SPI Property Inspections as our eyes and ears, was imperative, to us.

You have recently completed the base stage inspection on the construction of your new home. Why did you select this stage?

Client: Our home is being built on waffle pods on 2 metres of fill, which required piers and doubled our site costs. We wanted to ensure that the base of our home was structurally sound – and we have no expertise in this area, at all. We were also concerned about the waffle pods – however had no choice to change this, so just wanted to ensure as much as we could, that everything was correct in relation to the slab. Frank was really knowledgeable, provided a 17-page report on our base stage, which has really put our minds at ease. 

Can you please explain your reasons for choosing SPI Property Inspections?

Client: This was my finance’s domain – he found SPI online and read some great reviews. I spoke directly with Colin [Director] and Helen [General Manager] and they went out of their way to make me feel confident that choosing SPI was the right way to go. Building a home is such a big thing – whether it’s your first or third – it’s a really large investment – so we wanted only the best on our job.

Any comments you would like to make about the service so far?

Client: I have been delighted with the service so far – as mentioned, Colin and Helen took time out to assist in the process and answer our many questions – and Frank has been wonderful, I feel a little like I’m talking to my dad – asking Frank silly questions – but he doesn’t make me feel that way at all, he just explains as best he can honestly, and in layman’s terms. Frank’s communication with myself and our site supervisor has been great, and I couldn’t be happier with this. I feel in safe hands! I look forward to working with Frank in the months to come. 


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