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new home building inspections melbourneTrust Melbourne’s leading home inspectors for independent, new home inspections

When building your new home, you can rely on the experienced team at SPI Property Inspections throughout the entire construction process. As registered builders, our new home inspectors specialise in reporting on construction projects across Melbourne and Central Victoria.

Not only will you have an expert team overseeing the critical construction stages, but you’ll also receive comprehensive inspection reports and reviews which itemise the key elements assessed with relevant photos as a record.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first home buyer, you can rely on SPI Property Inspections for a new home inspections review.

Choose SPI Property Inspections for your new home inspections in Melbourne

SPI Property Inspections provides a series of independent building inspections covering the critical stages of a new house construction, including:

  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lockup/Pre-Plaster
  • Fixing Stage
  • Final Inspection (PCI)

These stages coincide with the progress payment schedule, so you can be assured that progress is occurring satisfactorily and at the same time, avoid payment disputes during construction.

Whether you need assistance during one of these stages, or for the entire process, you can trust our independent property inspectors for comprehensive reporting and support during the new home construction process.

Complete a free quote online now for our new house building inspections in Melbourne.

New Home Construction Inspection Package Discounts

Are you booking a new home construction inspection package with us? Book a package of four or more inspections and your final inspection (also called a PCI or handover inspection) is half-price. Ask our friendly booking team about our inspection packages today.

Download our New Home Construction Inspection Flyer.

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Slab Heave: should you be worried about it?
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