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Street Asset Surveys – Vital for your Project

Street asset surveys are carried out to record the condition of local infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, kerbs, street lighting and bus shelters.  They can be done before the start of a construction project as well as when the works are complete, in order to capture any impact the project has had on local street assets.

SPI Property Inspections carries out four types of street asset surveys, depending on the requirements of the project and client:


A high definition video of kerb and channels is captured via vehicle-mounted cameras on our dedicated company vehicle which travels at idle speed. The video typically captures the entire width of the carriageway plus the general condition of the nature strip, footpath and other general street assets. Both sides of the street and median strips can be captured. This footage is provided in MP4 format so that still frames can be extracted as needed.

Walking Survey

This type of survey is conducted on foot. Our inspector walks the area and captures still photos of specific street assets such as signs, crossovers, services, pit lids and bus shelters. This type of survey is useful for smaller projects where large-scale geolocation survey is not required. The street assets may or may not have existing defects but are recorded to identify their location and existing condition.

Geolocation Survey

Street assets are photographed as still photos during a walking inspection. The images are all captioned and GPS co-ordinates added to the photo metadata, within metres of the actual geolocation. A marking map is also provided. Accompanying the report is a USB flash drive with all the videos and photos, arranged by street. Each photo can be opened and located on a map which provides our clients with complete control over the archive, enabling them to identify assets in future years.

Geolocation Survey with Topographical Survey

In the course of conducting geolocation surveys, the following defects can be found in footpaths:

  • faults
  • pot holes
  • sinking
  • rutting
  • crocodile cracking
  • edge failures
  • patching failures
  • heaving.

For pot holes, sinking, rutting and heaving, our surveys capture the rupture measurements, using a level instrument that references road topography. Any undulations affecting the surface, run-off and drainage are noted too. A topographical survey of the results can also be provided to support these findings.

SPI Property Inspections offers a complete, end-to-end service for road and rail infrastructure projects.

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