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Roof Inspections

Gutter-insetRoof problems, if not addressed early, can become expensive.  Remember that a roof is at its best at the time of installation. From then on, it is subject to the physical elements and age, so it stands to reason that you need to keep it maintained.

There are some common trouble spots.  By identifying these areas, and dealing with them quickly, you can avoid more serious problems of cracking, rotting and leaks that can penetrate the building and cost you big money.

Roof problems are not always obvious. You may not be aware that damage has occurred, or issues are building up. Perhaps the roof is hard to access, or you’re not even sure where to look.  A roof inspection report can put your mind at ease. Let our building inspector check the known trouble spots and advise on the overall condition.

Some of the most common roof issues we come across include:

  • non-compliance of the roof with relevant Codes of Practice
    Be aware that non-compliance can result in future insurance claims being denied.
  • moisture and roof leaks
    Leaks often occur where vents or pipes penetrate the roofing materials, or where there are faults at roof seams, sealants and expansion joints at perimeters.
  • soffits cracking or rotting
    Birds, insects and possums can get inside the roof overhang and cause cracking, disease and rotting of the structure.
  • fascia boards rotting
    The fascia boards can be susceptible to moisture leading to rot and collapse.
  • gutters that are rusty and leaking
    Roof box guttering needs to be cleared of dirt and rubbish.  Debris, such as leaf litter, can get trapped in the gutters creating acidic moisture that can lead to rust and water overflow.
  • faulty installation and poor workmanship
    Problems with adhesion can result from unsatisfactory preparation of materials, where the area isn’t cleaned, dried and primed properly before installation.
  • lack of maintenance
    Roof problems can be addressed with routine inspections and proper maintenance. Owners and facilities managers need to be aware of the potential problems and seek the assistance of specialists who can provide a qualified assessment.

SPI Property Inspections can deliver a roof inspection as part of our overall commercial building condition inspection.  Our inspector will compile a report that documents each of the items covered in the inspection and their relative condition.  Any faults/issues that we identify will be highlighted and supported by photography.  We will also put forward our recommendations for your best course of action.

Our inspections are thorough and comprehensive, and we provide practical advice on general ongoing maintenance. We also have a large network of trades and service operators we can recommend for specialist building-related services.

Ensure your roof is compliant and properly maintained. Contact us today for a free online quote or phone us directly on 1300 721 032.

How safe is your roof?
How safe is your roof?
Roof problems are not always obvious – let’s face it, you don’t often get up on your roof to check it, if at all. Besides, your roof may be hard to access, or you’re not even sure where to look. So you may not be aware that damage has occurred, or issues are building up.
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