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Pest Inspections Melbourne


Don’t run the risk of having your home destroyed by termites, get a pest inspection now!

With one in four homes affected by termites in Australia, it is wise to arrange a pre-purchase building and a pest inspection before buying your home, or run the risk of having your property permanently damaged.

A pest inspection report will assist in detecting and preventing any damage from termites before it becomes a major problem.

The leaders in Melbourne home inspections, SPI Property Inspections can arrange pest inspections to include:

  • A comprehensive pest inspection and/or treatment process, delivered by professionally trained pest inspectors, for an intensive investigation and solution
  • Latest imaging, acoustic and movement tracking technology
  • Fast turnaround on the inspection and report.
Termites: The Guests you don’t want over for Dinner
You know the types. The guests who arrive unexpectedly and unannounced, and you don’t want them to stay. What’s more, they eat you out of house and home. Termites are those kinds of guests – but they literally eat your house and home. The voracious nature of their appetite, and the insidious way they sneak into a property marks them as Enemy No.1 for the Australian houseowner.
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