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Essential Safety Measures Maintenance Audit

Under the Building Regulations 2006, the owner (and in part, the tenant) of a building is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the essential safety measures of the building to ensure they function properly and fulfil their purpose. These essential safety measures items need to be inspected and their condition recorded on a regular basis.

SPI Property Inspections has specialist Inspectors who can conduct the onsite inspection, checking what essential safety measures are currently in place and their maintenance status. This initial Audit will help owners understand their compliance requirements.

As part of the Maintenance Audit, our specialist Inspector will review any current or previous maintenance record tags or log books that are located onsite. All reports and records of maintenance checks, safety measures and repair work should be made available for inspection during the Audit. Based on the information provided, the Inspector will determine the maintenance status of any ESM onsite, whether records are completed satisfactorily and make recommendations for ongoing documentation checks.

Engage a professional for a Maintenance Audit to help understand your essential safety measures obligations as the owner of the building.

As well as an initial Audit, SPI Property Inspections can offer a fully managed and comprehensive program throughout the year, based on the services you require.  More information on our simple 5-step ESM process can be found here.

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Essential Safety Measures: Know Your Obligations
Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s) are vital for the life, safety and health of people over a building’s duration. It’s important for the owner of the building to be informed of their obligations regarding maintenance of the ESM’s in their buildings. The type of maintenance required depends on the complexity of the safety measure and will differ depending on the use and type of building.
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