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Buildings Requiring ESM Maintenance

All buildings, other than a house or outbuilding, are affected by the Essential Safety Measures regulations. These buildings include the following classes, as defined in the National Construction Code Series:

Class 1b:
some Boarding houses, guest houses or hostels
Class 2:
Buildings containing sole-occupancy units which are dwellings (e.g. apartments, blocks of flats)
Class 3:
Backpacker accommodation, residential parts of hotels or motels, residential parts of schools, accommodation for the aged, disabled or children
Class 5:
Offices for professional or commercial purposes
Class 6:
Shops or other buildings for sale of goods by retail, cafés, restaurants, milk bars, dining rooms and bars
Class 7:
Buildings used for car parks, storage or display of goods
Class 8:
Laboratories or buildings for production or assembly of goods
Class 9:
Public buildings such as health care buildings, or assembly buildings, schools, churches, nightclubs etc.

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Essential Safety Measures: Know Your Obligations
Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s) are vital for the life, safety and health of people over a building’s duration. It’s important for the owner of the building to be informed of their obligations regarding maintenance of the ESM’s in their buildings. The type of maintenance required depends on the complexity of the safety measure and will differ depending on the use and type of building.
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