Building Condition Reports: Carry Out Your Due Diligence

Building Condition Reports: Carry Out Your Due Diligence

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Arranging a Building Condition Report for a commercial property is a wise and worthwhile investment. It’s imperative to know the overall condition of the building and whether it complies with building regulations. By having an independent review of the overall structure, you will be better informed about what you’re buying or leasing and it will give you peace of mind when making that transaction. You’ll also be well placed to negotiate the final price or terms.

What Does A Building Condition Report Involve?

A comprehensive inspection will provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of the building so that you can make an informed purchase/lease decision. Our reports are prepared in accordance with Australian Standards, with reference to the Victorian Building Authority’s Guide to Standards and Tolerances. Your report will alert you to any major defects and any maintenance items that need attention or further investigation.

Some of the essential items covered by a commercial inspection include:

    Site Elements

These are the elements in the immediate vicinity of the building, e.g. fences, surface drainage, retaining walls, driveways, garage, shed, surrounding trees.

    Building Exterior Elements

The Inspector will check for any signs of settlement or movement outside the building. Elements would include roof, where access is available, gutters, flashings, valleys, eaves, downpipes, brickwork, weatherboards, paintwork, weepholes and vents and sills.

    Internal Structural Elements

The interior inspection will cover ceilings, doors, walls, windows, skirting boards, architraves, stairwells and tiling.

    Wet Areas

The Inspector will check the wet areas with specific focus on elements in the kitchen/kitchenette, bathrooms and toilets, and any showers.


The Inspector will report on electrical items such as circuit breakers, safety switches and smoke detectors, hot water service and water pressure.

    Roof Space

The roof space can reveal if there are any structural or framing issues, missing or broken roof tiles, and the general condition of the insulation and exhaust flues.

Types Of Commercial Properties We Inspect

Commercial buildings come in a wide range of sizes and types. Since 2002, SPI Property Inspections has carried out building condition reports for commercial clients across metropolitan Melbourne and Central Victoria, in a number of different industries.

Examples of commercial buildings we inspect include:

  • aged care facilities
  • apartment blocks
  • backpacker accommodation
  • banks
  • bars & function centres
  • cafes & restaurants
  • car parks
  • church buildings
  • display showrooms
  • hotels and guest houses
  • medical clinics
  • office buildings
  • professional clinics & studios
  • retail shops
  • schools
  • shopping centres
  • storage sheds
  • university buildings
  • warehouses
  • workshops

Why Book With SPI?

As registered builders, all of our Inspectors have the essential skills and knowledge to carry out your commercial inspection. Your Inspector has actual on-site building experience and will be happy to explain their findings and answer any questions you may have.

What We Need To Know To Provide You With A Quote:

The SPI inspection process is designed to make the process easy and time-effective for you. The first step is for you, or your representative, to contact us for a quote. The information we need to know includes:

  • the size of the building
  • the location
  • do you have any particular concerns with the building at this point?
  • are there any other buildings to inspect on the property (e.g. outbuildings, sheds, warehouses, etc.)?

Once the job is booked, SPI will liaise directly with your sales or leasing agent on your behalf and arrange a time that suits all parties. Your Inspector will contact you to let you know the inspection time.

A commercial inspection should take between 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the property. You, or your representative, are welcome to meet the Inspector on-site at the end of the inspection. If you’re unable to attend, your Inspector will take you through the report verbally. A copy of the report will then be emailed to you.

If you have a particular building that you need inspecting, we would be happy to provide a quotation. Let us help you with a building condition report for your commercial building. Protect yourself when investing in a commercial property by carrying out your due diligence.

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