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Building Condition Reports and Make Good Clauses

Are you about to sign a commercial lease?

A ‘make-good clause’ can be a contentious issue for both tenants and landlords.

If there is a clause in your lease stipulating that you return the premises to the standard shown in a condition report, SPI Property Inspections can assist.

Our comprehensive building condition reports ensure both parties have a record of the property’s condition at the start of the lease.

The report can provide an accurate point of reference at the conclusion of the tenancy arrangement and can be used as supporting documentation if you find yourself in end-of-lease negotiations with your landlord.

Our building condition reports check the following elements:

Site Elements

These are the elements in the immediate vicinity of the building, e.g. fences, surface drainage, retaining walls, driveways, garage, shed, surrounding trees.

Building Exterior Elements

Our inspector checks for any signs of settlement or movement outside the building. Elements include the roof, where access is available, gutters, flashings, valleys, eaves, downpipes, brickwork, weatherboards, paintwork, weepholes and vents and sills.

Internal Structural Elements

The interior inspection will cover ceilings, doors, walls, windows, skirting boards, architraves, stairwells and tiling.

Wet Areas

Our inspector will check the wet areas with specific focus on elements in the kitchen/kitchenette, bathrooms and toilets, and any showers.


Our inspector reports on electrical items such as circuit breakers, safety switches and smoke detectors, hot water service and water pressure.

Roof Space

The roof space can reveal if there are any structural or framing issues, missing or broken roof tiles, and the general condition of the insulation and exhaust flues.

We can also arrange a comprehensive inspection of the exterior of the roof, either as a physical inspection, or with a drone service.

Following is a gallery of images taken from one of our building condition reports, which shows the details and defects our inspectors observe and note in the course of an inspection:

Area: Kitchenette

Observation:  There are visible signs that the HWS (hot water service) is leaking. HWS label indicates manufacture was in 2012.






Area: Main Office Ground Floor

Observation: There are marks to the wall and the external corner has been damaged.






Area: Work Station Area First Floor

Observation: There is a leak in the roof gutter area.






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