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Tax Depreciation Schedule Interview With Our Experienced Inspector

A property has caught your eye and after a whirlwind of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and all of the other challenges thrown towards you, you finally nab the dream investment. After financing the property, you’re now ready to enjoy the substantial tax savings that depreciation can give you.


Does my property qualify for this schedule? Is my property too old? Is there any point investing with this service? Should my accountant complete this as they look after my tax anyway? These are few of the questions raised when tax depreciation schedules are discussed amongst investors. The SPI Property Inspections team understand that the process may seem a little unnerving but we’re here to help.  We had a chat with one of our Inspectors who’s experienced with tax depreciation schedules                                                                                                           to answer the top 7 frequently asked questions.

Why is it good to have a tax depreciation schedule completed?   

A Tax Depreciation Schedule maximises your claimable deductions and minimises your tax. So, you pay less tax!

How does it benefit the investor?

By maximising your claimable deductions, you’re effectively paying less for your investment or it is costing you less each year and therefore it becomes more of a positively geared investment.

Can my property qualify for a tax depreciation schedule?

Yep, it certainly does. All properties have assets that can be depreciated and depending on its age, it may have more or it may have less. Newer properties however, attract more depreciation.

Can my holiday property qualify for a tax depreciation?

Yes, it certainly does. And you can claim all the furniture inside the property too.

Can a property be too old for a tax depreciation schedule?

No, all properties attract depreciation. However, the older the property is, the less claimable deductions are available.

Why can’t my accountant complete the tax depreciation schedule?

Accountants are not qualified to calculate the historical construction costs with a Tax Depreciation Schedule, only a qualified Quantity Surveyor can do that. This is an area that the Quantity Surveyor is an expert in and the Australian Taxation Office recognises that.

How long have you been conducting tax depreciation schedules?

I have been completing tax depreciation schedules for the last 4 years.


We have developed an FAQ page to help answer any further queries you may have relating to tax depreciation schedules.  The SPI system is designed to make the process of completing a depreciation schedule a simple and time-effective exercise.  For more information on our simple 4-step process, please click here.

If you’re ready to start the process, please download a Client and Property Sheet and email the completed form to  Our team will then contact you to arrange payment and get things underway.

Rely on SPI Property Inspections for a comprehensive tax depreciation schedule. Contact our team today on 1300 721 032 or get a quick online quote now.