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Overlooked defects in a Commercial Building


Regularly, we overlook and brush off small issues in buildings as ‘insignificant’ and ‘unimportant’ which can easily turn into serious problems. Over time, these issues can often have a detrimental effect on the building and surroundings if left untreated. When investing in a commercial property, it’s critical to know the overall condition of the building and whether it complies with building regulations. Knowing all defects and non-compliant issues can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Below are the most common defects that many overlook in their commercial building:

  • Cracking

The appearance of cracks in buildings can on occasion be superficial and harmless, but are you willing to risk the safety of others and thousands of dollars? The form and size of the crack can sometimes indicate there is an underlying problem, but without having confirmation of the cause you can’t be certain.

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  • Leaks

leakWhen small leaks are noticed, many are quick to implement a short term ‘quick fix’ of the issue. When leaks occur, we highly recommend engaging a professional to assess the issue and determine the cause as soon as possible. By not attending to this issue, it can cause other serious issues to arise and can potentially increase the safety concerns at the property.


  • Essential Safety Measures


Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s) include maintaining the fire, life safety and health items installed or constructed in a building. It is critical for building owners to monitor these items.

However, we find that many buildings are unfortunately non-compliant due to several reasons. Without the correct procedures and checks implemented, it can leave the property to be a very dangerous environment and deemed so by authorities.  This, in turn, can result in significant fines.


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SPI Property Inspections highly recommends to not overlook any defects noticed. If you have a building that needs to be inspected, we would be happy to provide a quotation. Let us help you with a Building Condition report for your commercial building. Ensure that you are protecting yourself when investing in a commercial property by carrying out your due diligence.


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