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New Home Construction Inspections – Interview with Inspector

New Home Construction

When building your new home, it’s important to engage the services of an experienced Inspector with a building background. We understand it can be a daunting experience having to deal with builders or developers who speak in what seems like a different language. Not only will you have a knowledgeable eye on the project at the critical stages but you will also have someone who can explain the process to you in easy terms.

We had a chat with SPI’s very own inspector Paul Jackson to obtain his views on New Home Construction Inspections.

What are the benefits of booking all five stages of new home inspections?

Engaging SPI for all five inspections will give you the peace of mind that the project is under control through the various stages. If any issues do arise from a previous stage, it can act as a prompt for builders to follow so the issues can be attended to and checked in the following stage.  This will limit any hidden ‘nasty surprises’ that rear its head if you were to get a one-off inspection.

If you choose to only have one single inspection, quality control of the overall build is less likely.  Therefore, it’s recommended that you engage SPI for all five stages.

What happens if I (the client) don’t carry out these inspections? (Are there consequences?)

If you don’t carry out these inspections, there is a chance of things being missed. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in all of the stage of inspections for your peace of mind. We also find there are often less disputes between the owner and the builder.


Can I (the client) be there when you do the inspection?

Clients are welcome to attend provided they:

  • Have consent from the builder
  • Attend either at the start or the end of the inspection. Inspectors need to focus on their task and not be side tracked, so we encourage clients to air their concerns with the inspector either before or after an inspection


Do you have any advice for a client building for the first time?  

Here are my top tips for clients who are building a house for the first time:

  • Make certain of all aspects of the build before entering a contract as changes or variations can prove to be a costly exercise.
  • Choosing a builder on the appearance of a display home and price is not always the best option. I believe it’s best to find out what sort of relationship you can have with the builder or supervisor once the contract has been signed and use that as a deciding factor.  Quite often once the contract is signed you become a number and have no contact, so finding a builder or supervisor who has great communication and prides themselves on their relationships is a good way to go.


For further information on the new home construction process, please have a read of our article titled ‘New Home Inspections: Put Yourself In The Frame.

For your own peace of mind and as a protection against possible misunderstandings with your builder, take the initiative to check your new house at these crucial stages. Knowing your dream home is coming together as it should, will make the building process a truly enjoyable experience. And having an independent property inspector on your side to ease stress levels, could be the best insurance you have. Call SPI Property Inspections today on 1300 721 032 or receive a free quote online now for new house building inspections in Melbourne.