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Engage A Professional For Your Contract Review

keys-to-a-new-house-2A new home contract can be a lengthy and detailed document which needs to be examined carefully for any discrepancies or possible misinterpretation. The experienced inspectors at SPI will thoroughly review your contract to ensure that it is in line with industry standards. We can also provide advice on any issues that require clarification between parties prior to signing, for example:

  • Your responsibilities as an owner
  • Your builder’s obligations
  • Variation of costs and possible hidden charges
  • Progress Payment Schedules
  • Prime costs (i.e. costs to purchase specified items such as tiles, taps and bathroom fittings)
  • Provisional sum costs (i.e. costs to cover work and/or materials such as the excavation and construction of footings and foundations)
  • The length of time for the build
  • Finished floor levels on contract drawings
  • Finishes on paint, benchtops, floors and appliances.

Why get a Contract Review?

We highly recommend a review before you sign your contract so that you have confidence, the build begins. Here are some reasons why you should engage a professional before you sign:

  • You can learn more about the building process and what is expected of you as an owner.
  • An independent eye can identify any flaws or discrepancies in the contract of which you may not be aware.
  • An inspector can help you understand everything the contract contains and to make sure your interests are protected.
  • The process will provide you with an opportunity to negotiate with your builder.
  • Once the contract is signed, it can be very difficult to change items. You want to be sure you’ve covered everything before you put pen to paper.

It’s important to note many disputes and concerns can be avoided when there is clear understanding and good communication between you and your builder. This relationship often starts with your contract which is a crucial document that needs careful examination and checking.

We can also support you throughout the entire build, providing a series of independent building inspections covering the critical stages of new house construction, including Base, Frame, Lock-up/Pre-Plaster, Fixing and Final Handover (PCI).

Choose SPI Property Inspections for a trusted contract review. Whether you’re in metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong or Central Victoria, call the team on 1300 721 032 to assist you or request a quick quote online today.