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DIY Home Improvement On The Rise


Have you been contemplating whether to renovate your home or investment property? You are definitely not alone in making this decision. The home renovation boom continues to grow along with the popularity of renovation and home improvement television programs such as The Block and House Rules. DIY household improvements can often add value to the home if they are done well. Conversely, if you don’t have the skills and experience for the renovation work, it may lead to a second rate finish.

In May 2015, REIV Chief Executive Officer , Enzo Raimondo, stated that “poor DIY work can not only make a poor first impression, but have buyers worrying about what else has been badly done.” Some of the most common problems include poor paintwork or tiling, poorly fitted cabinetry and flooring. Popular renovations tend to be kitchens, bathrooms, master bedrooms and outdoor entertaining areas and these are better left to the professionals in order to achieve a quality finish.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge with your own renovation, you want to be sure that it’s done well so it adds value to your home. For this reason, we recommend discussing your renovation project with professionals and skilled tradespeople before commencing your work. It pays to undertake research to ensure that you don’t overcapitalise and spend more on your renovation than can be recouped from the sale of your property.

In March 2016, HIA stated that the largest share of renovation jobs fell within the value range of $12,000 to $40,000 which is a significant outlay for homeowners. In addition, one in 20 renovation developments recorded a cost of $400,000, representing a more large scale project. One in 8 renovations fell below $12,000; this may have involved general repairs and maintenance around the home.

SPI Property Inspections can also help you through the renovation process whether it is a small alteration project or a large scale extension.

A pre-project condition report will identify any areas that need initial attention. From there, our Inspector can tailor the building inspections to suit your project. To view our range of renovation inspections, please click here.

If you’re feeling inspired to take the plunge and start renovating, we are here to help you along the way. For an inspection on your home renovations and extensions, please contact us today for a free quote or call our team on 1300 721 032.