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Dilapidation Surveys – Protect Yourself

Dilapidation surveys are essential for any contractor or developer looking to commence a new project.

Just as we take out insurance policies for our home and car, engaging an independent company to undertake dilapidation surveys for properties adjacent to your development site is equally important.

The dilapidation survey report is important evidence in the event of any claims or liability that results from work you have undertaken.

What Is A Dilapidation Survey?

A dilapidation survey provides an accurate record of the current condition of a property or structure. All areas of the property are covered in the inspection, including areas where there is no existing visible damage.

The survey details the type and scale of any existing damage.

In particular, a dilapidation survey focuses on existing cracking or movement. Any damage found is documented with photos and written notes. Each image in our report is date and time stamped:

Benefits for Both Parties

Think of a dilapidation survey as an insurance policy for both the contractor or developer and the property owner. A survey has benefits for both parties:

As a Contractor/Developer, a dilapidation survey can protect you from potential liability for damages if a claim is made. You may also choose to have a post-dilapidation survey undertaken. This report is completed in the same manner as the first report and will document if there is any change to the condition of the property or structure.

 As a Property Owner, a dilapidation survey can protect you should any damage occur to your property while works are being carried out. The report serves as evidence if you observe any changes to your property either during or after the development works.

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Written by Tracy Bratby, Commercial Sales Co-Ordinator