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Dilapidation Reports are essential

What is a Dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report inspection (also known as an Existing Conditions inspection) outlines any existing cracking and damages to adjoining properties before you commence construction work.

For developers, it is an essential requirement (according to the Building Act) to carry out before any construction work commences.

Who can carry out a dilapidation inspection?

A dilapidation inspection is conducted by an independent third-party inspection service. This is to prevent any conflict of interest between affected parties.


Why should I organise Dilapidation Report?

The main purpose of a dilapidation report is to protect the existing property owners as well as the contractors and developers who will be responsible for the construction. Recording any existing cracks, defects and other damages prior to the construction period by an independent inspector is crucial to have as a reference guide if any issues arise.


As stated in the Building Act, before the commencement of any protection work, the owner or the owner’s agent in company with the adjoining owner or the adjoining owner’s agent, must:

  • Make a full and adequate survey of the adjoining property
  • Record in writing all existing cracks and defects in the adjoining property.


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Dilapidation reports are a critical part of the construction or excavation process. If you are about to undergo any construction work projects, we strongly recommend that you invest in a dilapidation inspection carried out on all adjoining properties to document the existing conditions.


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