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Beat The Damp By Improving Water Drainage

With the cooler months, comes the need to keep an eye on drainage under your home. Our inspectors often come across situations where inadequate drainage has not been addressed. Over a period of time, these conditions may eventually lead to rising damp and rotting timber floors. In addition, moisture may create a humid atmosphere, creating conditions that are conducive to attracting termites.  If left undetected, this may lead to major structural issues to your home.

It’s important to know that as an owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain drainage systems.

The inspector team at SPI can identify any faults or issues and recommend the best course of action to keep on top of maintenance items.

Some of the most common drainage issues we come across include:

Poor drainage:
Poor drainage can often be caused by sloping ground, built-up garden beds or blocked drains. In these situations, it’s vital that water is directed underneath the house. If garden beds are placed in close proximity to the house, it’s recommended that you seal the area with plastic. Try to keep plants to a minimum in order to minimise the effects of water drainage.

Falling damp:
This may occur where blocked or leaking gutters lead to water penetration into eaves, fascia, windows and wall frames which may lead to decay. Some signs to look for include mould patches high on walls that blister, discolour and peeling paintwork. A watermark may also appear in some cases.

Poor design:
A poor layout and/or design may cause insufficient ventilation to sub floor areas. This can lead to a build-up of humidity which can result in rising damp, condensation dampness and rotting of timber floors.

Poor maintenance:
It’s essential to maintain your gutters, drains, flashings and ventilation on a regular basis. Roof guttering needs to be clear of debris such as leaf litter and silt. Removing any debris will help to prevent water backing up and flowing back into the roof space or under your home.

Mould build up

By improving the drainage under your home, you’ll not only have peace of mind but you will also have added value to your property. Drainage problems can be addressed with routine inspections and proper maintenance. If the condition of your water drainage is a concern, contact us at SPI Property Inspections. We can give you professional advice and put your mind at rest. Phone us today on 1300 721 032, complete a quick online quote or email the team at