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Our 4-Step Inspection Process

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The SPI system is designed to make your property inspection a simple and time-effective exercise.

For each type of inspection we deliver, we have an easy 4-step process to ensure you get your building report quickly.

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale / Pest / Owner-Builder

Our 4-Step Inspection Process


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Our inspectors are all equipped with an iPad and our inspection reporting tool.  The detailed condition report includes captioned photos and highlighting arrows.  The full package can be sent directly to your email or mobile device so the turnaround time is even faster.

Our building reports are designed to be comprehensive and easy-to-understand, so you will be well-informed and not swamped with jargon. You will then have information on which to base any decision or negotiate a deal.

If you still have doubts or need further clarification, the inspector will be available to answer your questions and explain things in more detail. Remember that our inspector is working for you and can help you through the process.

Save your time and money today by phoning our Inspection Team on 1300 721 032 to make an appointment.