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Daylesford is a scenic town which has a dynamic community of local residents and continues to be a popular destination for tourists and weekenders. Locals and visitors are fortunate to be surrounded by botanical gardens, bed and breakfasts, spa retreats, art galleries and a thriving wine culture.

With a relaxed way of living, Daylesford remains attractive to those who are buying lifestyle properties. The town also entices those looking for a low maintenance property to rent to holidaymakers. Daylesford is a tempting mix of stunning homes with old world charm, picturesque cottages, small family homes and quaint houses.

We continue to receive calls for our inspection services in Daylesford, Castlemaine and surrounding towns north-west of Melbourne.

Our Daylesford and Central Victorian property inspection clients can benefit from a wide range of building inspection services including:

  • Existing Homes pre-purchase home and building inspections, pest inspections and treatments
  • Owner-Builder Defects Reports – a comprehensive 137B Report so you know the condition before you sell your property
  • Renovations – new building inspections for smaller renovations or large-scale extensions
  • Dilapidation Reports – Property Condition Survey inspections on residential or commercial properties
  • New Homes – new home inspections review, including base, frame, lock up/pre plaster, fixing and final handover (PCI)
  • Commercial Properties – a comprehensive report used to identify current or potential risks in a building
  • Special Purpose Building Inspections – inspections to access a situation and provide advice or recommendations to rectify any issues
  • Vendor Reports – pre-sale building inspections for vendors
  • VCAT/Expert Witness – providing Expert Evidence in the form of a written report and/or providing an Expert Witness.

The services we provide come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are buying, investing, building, selling, leasing or renovating in Daylesford or Central Victoria, then SPI Property Inspections has the knowledge and experience to advise you.

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