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Why Do I Need A Property Condition Survey?

Why Do I Need A Property Condition Survey?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on certain sectors of Australia’s economy, our construction industry is still busy and thriving.

Major infrastructure works are proceeding as planned with the objective of strengthening and upgrading our assets and supporting  economic activity which is essential at this time.

Property condition surveys are part of these works.

A property condition survey documents the condition of your property before construction on a project begins.

The survey is a visual-only inspection which involves taking photographs of the inside and outside of the building. It provides an independent record of the condition of your property prior to construction, in the unlikely event that your property is adversely impacted by the works being undertaken.

Is the Survey Optional?

Yes, however, we strongly recommend that property owners take up the opportunity to have a survey conducted. The survey is at no cost to the property owner and will only proceed after we receive a signed consent form from the property owner or the owner’s representative.

Completing a consent form is an important part of this process. It is a written record of the agreement and understanding of you – the property owner – regarding the importance of a property condition survey before project works commence.

Is It Safe?

A property condition survey is conducted on a visual basis only. Our inspectors do not touch or move any furniture or personal belongings.

Our inspectors have completed COVID-19 Infection Control Training and will undertake any necessary further training to ensure the safety of property owners and all members of the public in the course of their work.

If you would like any further information about the process of conducting property condition surveys, giving consent, or how we ensure your safety throughout the process, please call us on 1300 721 032 or email info@spipropertyinspections.com.au