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What’s new with Melbourne’s infrastructure?

With Melbourne’s population forever on the rise, the Government is constantly building facilities, community bases and additional infrastructure to better accommodate the residents. We see grants and development signs popping up in almost every suburb so understandably you may ask ‘What’s new now in Melbourne?’ Read below to find out…


New suburbs
Along with an increase in population, there comes a need for more spaces to build homes. Though some investors believe the solution is to build a bigger home, others are opting to simply invest further out in newly built communities. The sound of living in a ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ area appeals to so many, considering it will be built alongside new amenities such as shops, cafes, schools and other recreational facilities.
Suburbs in Melbourne that are recently undergoing development include:
•Fraser Ride

New schools
The Victorian Government is delivering $236.8 million to buy the land needed to deliver 14 new schools across Melbourne’s booming property areas. The funding has recently been granted to develop schools in areas such as the inner and outer suburbs.

Areas included are:
•Clyde North   •Cranbourne West  •Mickleham
•Deanside       •Rockbank               •Cobblebank
•Wollert           •Wyndham Vale       •Pakenham

class room

The newly proposed schools below are expected to open for the beginning of the 2020 school year:


With regards to the new developments of schools and surrounding infrastructure, Premier Daniel Andrews has stated “We’re building the new schools Victoria needs – not just for today or tomorrow but for years to come.”


The team at SPI Property Inspections are very familiar with new development of homes and buildings. One of the services we offer, Dilapidation reports, is a critical step to take before any construction or excavation process. Whether you’re building a block of apartments or perhaps a school or community facilities, we strongly recommend investing in a dilapidation inspection on all adjoining properties to document any existing defects and cracking.

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