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What do those building terms mean?

As with any profession, there are a lot of terms that may sound like a completely different language if you have no experience in the field.


Engaging a third-party inspection company to conduct a Building Condition Report on a commercial property is a wise and worthwhile investment. It’s imperative to know the overall condition of the building and whether it complies with building regulations. However, it’s also important to understand exactly what the Inspector is saying. We thought it might be helpful to list some of the common ones, so you don’t have to feel out of your depth.


Below are some of the regular terms that our Inspectors refer to when inspecting Commercial properties:


  • Cladding
    Any material used to face a building or structure.
  • Fascia
    A board fixed horizontally to the lower ends of the rafters, to which guttering may be fixed. Also forms the outside board of a boxed eave.
  • Footing
    The construction whereby the weight of the structure is transferred from the base structure to the foundation.
  • Foundation
    The ground upon which the footings of a building are constructed.
  • Masonry
    Brick, concrete, stone, artificial stone or terracotta laid in mortar.
  • Moisture Barrier
    Material which is used to retard the flow of vapour or moisture into the floor or walls.
  • Retaining Wall
    Any wall subjected to lateral pressure other than wind pressure and built to retain material.


To see the full list and continue reading our “Building term dictionary”, please click here.



We understand that this information can be a little overwhelming for those who aren’t familiar with the building industry. For your peace of mind, contact us today to obtain a free online quote on your next commercial build or phone us directly on 1300 721 032.