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Victoria’s Fire Action Week

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The annual Fire Action Week took place recently from October 13 – 20, 2017 with the aim to promote awareness of fire safety leading into Victoria’s fire season.  One of the CFA’s main goals is to protect the lives and properties of Victorians across the state.  The CFA believes that fire education plays an essential role in decreasing the number of fire related fatality losses.

Here are some simple planning and preparation tips from the CFA to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming summer:

  • Check the fire risk where you live.
  • Download the Vic Emergency app to your mobile device.
  • Start checking Fire Danger Ratings
  • Check warnings – make sure you understand the three levels of warnings and what they mean.
  • Pack an emergency kit of essentials. This should include important documents, medications, a mobile phone, torch, battery operated radio, money and clothes so you can leave quickly before a fire starts.
  • Talk to your household and neighbours about how you’ll know when to leave and where to go to stay safe.
  • Do you have family, friends or neighbours who need help preparing to leave early? Talk to them about when they’re going to leave, where they’re going to go, and how you can help.

For more information on how to get prepared, visit the Plan & Prepare section on the CFA’s website or to see what’s on in your area, click here.

Here at SPI Property Inspections, we understand that complying with safety regulations plays an extremely important part in decreasing the chances of tragedy occurring.  We have developed a comprehensive Essential Safety Measures Program and understand how basic maintenance and procedures are essential to maintaining the safety of the lives who occupy buildings as well as the property itself. For more information regarding what’s involved with our service, click here.

It is essential that you meet your compliance obligations. Contact SPI Property Inspections for a quick free quote or phone us directly on 1300 721 032.