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PCI Inspection for a Commercial property

Are you about to finish the build of your commercial property and are eagerly awaiting your move in date to get your business up and running? There is one small step we recommend before you proceed to take the keys.

Organising a Final Hand Over (also known as a PCI) inspection to be conducted for your almost-finished build ensures peace of mind. The wisest course of action is to engage an independent property inspector, with sound building knowledge and experience, who can assess the building on your behalf. It could also save you many dollars in repair bills and possibly legal fees as well as countless hours of worry.

This inspection occurs prior to the builder’s final ‘To Do’ list at handover. At this stage of the build, it is essential to check that:

  • the fixtures and fittings are installed correctly
  • appropriate sealing has been made to all wet areas
  • external treatments have been completed and the workmanship is acceptable
  • the paint finishes are of a quality standard
  • all hardware is fitted, including doors
  • all plumbing and electrical services have been completed and are functioning correctly
  • the building works are complete in accordance with the contract documents.


For your own peace of mind and as a protection against possible misunderstandings with your builder, we urge you to take the initiative to check your new property at these crucial stages. Knowing your investment property is coming together as it should will make the building process a more enjoyable experience.  Having an independent property inspector on your side to ease stress levels could be the best insurance you have.


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