Our Rail/Infrastructure Project update - SPI Property Inspections

Our Rail/Infrastructure Project update


The team at SPI Property Inspections carries out dilapidation inspections for several companies and Alliances around Melbourne.  For each project, Property Condition Surveys are completed on all residential and commercial buildings, as well as Council assets such as roads and footpaths, prior to construction. In each case, the owner or representative must provide consent to carry out the inspection.

Some of the projects we are currently involved with:

Level Crossing Removal Projects

Project name: Southern Program Alliance Seaford

Status: Major works will be underway shortly. SPI is currently inspecting the remaining few properties that require dilapidation inspections.

Project name: Southern Program Alliance Carrum

Status: Major works are underway. SPI is still offering inspections to properties that require the inspection reports.

The project is due to expand, by also covering Eel Race Road where the crossing will be removed.

Project name: North Western Program Alliance

Status: Essendon – Major works haven’t begun and will take place in the next few weeks. SPI is still offering inspections to properties that require the inspection reports.

Status: Frankston Station – Works are underway and SPI has completed all pre-construction inspections.

Status: Skye Overton Road – Works are underway. SPI has completed all pre-construction inspections.

Status: Camp Road- Works are underway. SPI has completed all pre-construction inspections.

Project name: North Eastern Program Alliance

Status: Pre-construction dilapidations reports are complete. Post structural inspections are available on request for this project.


Hoddle street upgrade

Project: Hoddle street

Status: SPI has completed the pre-construction dilapidation reports for Stage 1. The construction in the area is currently underway, with Stage B commencing soon.

The aim of the Hoddle Street upgrade is to significantly improve the traffic flow in the area with 330,000 people crossing the area daily.


Road widening upgrade- Bolton Street

Project: Bolton Street

Status: Completed. SPI successfully provided pre-construction dilapidation reports for this upgrade.

Bolton Street now has:

  • Shared walking and cycling paths
  • improved access to local shops and the medical centre
  • better street lighting to illuminate the road after dark as you walk or drive to your home and local shops along Bolton Street
  • New traffic lights with pedestrian signals
  • New drainage to direct storm water into drains
  • Widened road to improve traffic flow and travel times
  • New centre islands and a right turn lane to improve safety
  • A permanent truck ban and set speed limit of 50km/h.

Tram works upgrade

Project: Balaclava station

Status: Pre-construction dilapidations reports have been completed.  Works are currently underway.

The aim of the project: Minor track adjustments and inserting a disability access entry.


For further information on dilapidation reports, please click here to read an article, titled ‘Dilapidation Reports/ Existing Conditions Inspections’.

To protect yourself against possible disputes or claims from your neighbours, we suggest having the condition of each of the adjoining properties documented before you begin the building works. Please contact us on 1300 721 032 or email us at info@spipropertyinspections.com.au for further information.