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Melbourne’s New Infrastructure Project

What is the North East Link project?

The aim of the North East Link projects is to complete the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network. It will be a modern new freeway connecting an upgraded Eastern Freeway to the M80 Ring Road in Melbourne’s North-East.

What will be upgraded?

  • M80 Ring Road to Lower Plenty Road: From the M80 and Greensborough Bypass to the northern tunnel portal, this section will include a mixture of above, below and at surface road sections, with new road interchanges at M80, Grimshaw Street and Lower Plenty Road.
  • Tunnels: From the northern tunnel portal located just North of Lower Plenty Road to south of Manningham Road, twin tunnels would travel under residential areas, Banyule Flats and the Yarra River. This section would include a new interchange at Manningham Road.
  • Bridge Street to Eastern Freeway: This section would include open cut and bored or mined tunnel with the Southern tunnel portal located South of the Veneto Club. Further South, surface road and viaduct structures would connect to the Eastern Freeway via a new interchange.
  • Eastern Freeway upgrades: From around Hoddle Street in the West through to Springvale Road in the East, modifications to the Eastern Freeway would include widening to accommodate future traffic volumes, provision of new dedicated bus lanes for rapid bus services and associated works.


Construction for the North East Link is expected to start in 2020 but is subject to planning approvals.


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