Melbourne Water Retarding Basins Project - SPI Property Inspections

Melbourne Water Retarding Basins Project

Cracked tiled terraceSPI Property Inspections was recently awarded a contract with John Holland-KBR Joint Venture (JH-KBR JV), on behalf of Melbourne Water, to carry out Property Condition Surveys as part of upgrade works at:

  • Glen Valley Retarding Basin located on Glen Valley Road in Forest Hill
  • Lernes Street Retarding Basin located on Hylton Crescent in Forest Hill
  • East Burwood Retarding Basin located on Weeden Drive in Vermont South
  • Masons Road Retarding Basin located on Masons Road in Blackburn

The upgrade works commenced in late January 2017 and will take approximately six months to complete, weather permitting. Although the impact on local residents is anticipated to be minimal, JH-KBR JV has engaged SPI’s services as an independent third party to carry out Property Condition Surveys on neigbouring properties.

SPI Property Inspections’ services help Melbourne Water work closely with the community to undertake a Property Condition Survey to capture the existing condition of a property before construction or upgrade works begin, and to help mitigate any unanticipated impacts.

SPI can also carry out Property Condition Surveys once works have been completed so that any structural variations can be identified. Where required, we can draw on independent engineering expertise to assist with these situations.

We’re excited to be involved with the Melbourne Water retarding basins upgrade works and we’ll continue to work with JH-KBR JV on these projects in the coming months.

If you would like to arrange a Property Condition Survey, please contact us on 1300 721 032 or email us at