Interview with SPI’s project team - SPI Property Inspections

Interview with SPI’s project team

SPI Property Inspections carries out dilapidation inspections for several companies and alliances around Melbourne.  For each project, Property Condition Surveys are completed on residential and commercial buildings, capturing the condition of the property, as an independent reference. This also includes conducting a review of infrastructure assets, including a visual inspection of road surfaces, kerbs, channelling, footpath, nature strips, crossovers and pit lids.

We had a chat with our Project’s team for a rundown of the past year and what we can look forward to in 2019.

What was SPI’s project departments year like for 2018?

To sum up 2018, we can describe it using two words- EXCEPTIONAL GROWTH!

In 2018, SPI has:

  • More than doubled the number of projects it has been involved with from the previous year.
  • Expanded our scope of work in not only level crossing removal projects but other projects in roading and infrastructure.
  • Expanded our team! The team has welcomed new additional staff members to assist with the Project’s team heavy work load.


Which companies/alliance partners has SPI partnered with in 2018?

Alliance partners:

  • NWPA (North Western Program Alliance)
  • RIA (Rail Infrastructure Alliance)
  • SPA (Southern Program Alliance)
  • JH-KRB JV (John Holland-KBR Joint Venture)
  • NEPA (North East Program Alliance)


  • Fulton Hogan
  • Seymour White
  • John Holland
  • MACA Infrastructure
  • Bitu-Mill
  • Coleman Rail
  • Metro Trains Melbourne


What is the status on the bigger projects SPI assisted with?

Buckley Street, Essendon- This project is nearing completion, with all pre-inspections carried out by SPI Property Inspections.  

Frankston Station- Our team have completed the pre-inspections and this project is now complete.

Station Street, Carrum- Patterson River Bridge is complete and the project is moving further down the line in 2019. We have completed pre-inspections for this project.  

Seaford Road, Seaford- The level crossing has been removed. Kananook stage is now underway and we are completing pre-inspections for this project.

Hoddle Street Stage 1- Works are completed. We have completed pre & post inspections for this project.

Hoddle Street Stage B- Works are underway. We have completed pre-inspections for this project.

Tram Route 96 upgrade- The Fitzroy section has been completed. We have completed pre and post inspections for this project.  The Brunswick East section is almost underway.


What’s in store for SPI in 2019?

In 2019, SPI hopes to continue completing inspections for the level crossing removal projects to help improve the safety of crossings throughout Melbourne. We also look forward to getting involved with pre-inspections on other road and infrastructure projects.   


What are you most excited for in 2019 with regards to the project work?

We are all very excited for the continual growth of the department as well as the strengthening of all existing relationships with other alliance partners/companies. Additionally, to be able to see the works completed that we conducted pre-inspections for, will be extremely rewarding!  


Please call 1300 721 032 to chat with our Project staff for all your commercial dilapidation needs.

To protect yourself against possible disputes or claims from your neighbours, we suggest having the condition of each of the adjoining properties documented before you begin the building works.

Please contact us on 1300 721 032 or email us at for further information.