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What is The Victorian Cladding taskforce?

After disaster strikes, action is always imperative and in the case of the Victorian Docklands fire, the Victorian Government have done just that.  The 2014 fire provoked numerous investigations, including the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s (MFB) who found that the external aluminium cladding on the building contributed to the fire spread and did not meet compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). After these reports were made public, the need for change and action was intensified and the development of the taskforce was underway.

The Taskforce was established in early July 2017 with the aim to correct issues, make sure the buildings are made to standard and the right systems are implemented to aid the prevention of non-compliant building products in the future. The Taskforce also promotes active involvement from the Government with detection and addressing non-compliant cladding.

Who is the Taskforce team?

The Victorian Cladding Taskforce is chaired by former Premier and architect Ted Baillieu, and former Deputy Premier and Minister for Planning Professor, John Thwaites. Its members include senior representatives from Victorian Government departments and key agencies such as:

WorkSafe Victoria, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Victorian Building Authority, Municipal Association of Victoria and Emergency Management Victoria. A stakeholder reference group including building unions, the Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Housing Industry Association has also been established.

What will they do now?

The Taskforce has conducted audits of buildings to detect cases of unsuitable cladding that poses risk of safety to those who use the facilities of the building.
With the assistance from other agencies, the task force will develop a process for quick rectification of non-compliant cladding issues. The Taskforce provided interim recommendations on immediate issues, and an outline and timetable for further work to the Minister for Planning in October 2017.


SPI can help to eliminate non-compliance issues around Victoria with our Essential Safety Measures (ESM) program.

The purpose of an ESM program is to ensure:

  • the safe evacuation of all occupants of a building in an emergency
  • the control of any life-threatening situations that may develop
  • that your main asset (i.e. building and equipment) can be saved in the case of a fire
  • that all exits and paths of travel to exits are maintained and kept clear of all obstructions
  • that there is some protection against litigation and potential insurance claims.


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