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Building Condition Reports for Childcare Centres

When it comes to providing inspection services, highlighting the building’s overall safety is a top priority for our clients.  Moreover, when buildings are occupied by children, the safety aspect is extremely important and the need for condition inspections are extremely crucial. When choosing childcare centres, parents want to know their children are learning in a safe environment, which includes the physical building.

Inspections are useful to childcare centres for many other important reasons.  We’ve listed a few reasons below:

  • It is part of the manager’s/building owner’s due diligence.
  • A condition report can be used for maintenance budgeting purposes to prepare for any expenses regarding the building’s deterioration or defects.
  • To ensure the building meets Australian standards as well as being informed of any OH&S requirements.
  • To safeguard for the general wellbeing of all occupants.
  • To maximise the lifespan of the building.


Our Inspectors look for the below points when inspecting childcare centres:

  • Site Elements

These are the elements in the immediate vicinity of the building, e.g. fences, surface drainage, retaining walls, driveways, garage, shed, surrounding trees.

  • Building Exterior Elements

The Inspector will check for any signs of settlement or movement outside the building. Elements would include roof, where access is available, gutters, flashings, valleys, eaves, downpipes, brickwork, weatherboards, paintwork, weepholes and vents and sills.

  • Internal Structural Elements

The interior inspection will cover ceilings, doors, walls, windows, skirting boards, architraves, stairwells and tiling.

  • Wet Areas

The Inspector will check the wet areas with specific focus on elements in the kitchen/kitchenette, bathrooms and toilets, and any showers.

  • Services

The Inspector will report on electrical items such as circuit breakers, safety switches and smoke detectors, hot water service and water pressure.

  • Roof Space

The roof space can reveal if there are any structural or framing issues, missing or broken roof tiles, and the general condition of the insulation and exhaust flues.


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