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A Building Condition Report is important for existing owners

A Building Condition Report is important for existing owners- even after the sale.

While many understand the importance of a Building Condition Report when purchasing a property, some do not realise that obtaining the same report can be extremely beneficial for a current owner as well.

We outline the additional reasons why obtaining a condition report is essential for existing owners. These include:

  • Aids in maintaining and strengthening OH&S standards of the building, ensuring it is Worksafe
  • Aids with budgeting for regular maintenance of the building. Knowing the condition status of the building can make it easier to plan and budget when items require attention.
  • Being informed about the potential problems of the building can help save you thousands of dollars, many headaches and a lot of stress.
  • Aids with lengthening the lifespan of a building
  • In the case of the owner tenanting out the property, it can also act as safe guard for where you stand with damages and maintenance items. Having photographic evidence from the report is a good tool to use when documenting damages to a property. The report can also be used as evidence if disputes do arise about who should pay for cleaning or damage, particularly at the end of a tenancy. This can also be a tool to use in the instance of escalation to the DBDRV.

The team at SPI frequently outline the importance of being informed with your commercial property.  SPI’s Building Condition Reports include:

  • A thoroughly written report of the overall condition of the building
  • An appraisal of a specific fault, with a recommended course of action to take.
  • Lists of maintenance items for rectification


To learn more about our Building Condition reports including a detailed list of commercial buildings we inspect, click here.  A downloadable pdf version is also available here, which covers what’s involved in a commercial inspection and how our Inspectors can take the anxiety out of making that purchase or lease decision.


If you currently own a Commercial building that requires an inspection for any of the above reasons, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation. We urge you to protect yourself when investing in a commercial property by carrying out your due diligence. Contact a member of our team today on 1300 721 032 or email us at info@spipropertyinspections.com.au.